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Events & Recruiting Agency

We create unique experiences providing exceptional services and qualified personnel

Who We Are

OPXE is a UAE company based in Dubai

We provide any customized service or product such as:

‣Paviliollion mangement

‣Restaurant management

‣Catering Service

‣Food & Beverage procurement

‣Personnel management

‣Organisation of special events, press conferences, B2B and B2G meetings

‣Travel packages

What We Do

Start Hospitality, hotels, restaurants, resorts

Expo Shanghai 2010 –  Milano 2015 – Antalya 2016 – Astana 2016 – Dubai 2022 – Hatay 2023 – Osaka 2025

Restaurants in Dubai

Salties Expo – Salties Outlet Village – Salties Creek – Buffalittos – The Deck





Vesta – new concept of care for the elders

Solomon Islands – Development with the government of the Solomons and UAE to make the Solomon's a tourist destination

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Digital  Events

An innovative format which allows

companies to reach their goal making

the best use of the potential offered

by today’s Technology thus keeping

the emotion and experience of a live event.

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The Opxe Recruiting Service is extremely detailed and client focused. 

We guarantee to headhunt the ideal candidate for your vacancy, in all our specialist industry sectors.

Expo Dubai

Opxe is involved in several projects for Expo: Pavilion management, incoming tourism, tourism and accommodation packages, theme packages, special services for VIPs and delegations, and many more.

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